Do you have a store front?
No. We have a  commercial license kitchen permit.

What is your mailing address?
1442 S. Winchester Blvd #249 San Jose, CA 95128. Our phone number is (408)881.0759.

Do you use preservatives?
No. Your brownies will last 3-5 days. For long term storage, your brownies will stay fresh up to five days. Do not refrigerate. For long term storage, your heart-shaped wonders can be frozen up to six months. For optimal taste, microwave 5-10 seconds.

Do you offer delivery service in the San Francisco Bay Area?

I am allergic to nuts, is it ok to purchase the brownies without nuts? 
All of our dough comes in contact with nuts or nut oils. If you are allergic to nuts, we recommend you do not consume our products.

Our Story

While attending San Jose State University, Andrea (pronounced Aundrea) struggled with math classes. She failed the same math class five times. Her counselor told her to work with the Disability Resource Center and get tested for a learning disability. She was diagnosed with dyslexia. She worked with the university administrators to replace some classes with other course requirements which allowed her to raise her grade point average.

During her first semester at SJSU, as a thank you gift she baked a friend some brownies. At the time she noticed the dough was thick, but baked the brownies anyway. After she was diagnosed with dyslexia, she revisited the brownie recipe and realized she transposed it by accident. Andrea’s belief is some detriments are true blessings in disguise.

She was given two awards: Outstanding Academic Achievement and Outstanding Alumni. She will always hold a special place in her heart for the university, which changed her life.

The family run bakery was named after her childhood doll named “Luv” and opened its online store in 1996.

If you have additional questions or press inquiries please contact us or call us at (408)881-0759.