Aundrea’s Book

Brownie Points: Seven Steps to Success for Woman Entrepreneurs from One Who Made It answers the many business questions Aundrea has been asked on her speaking engagements by girls and women who want to start their own businesses. Without changing her simple and straightforward style, she goes into new detail on important topics like how to launch a new business, starting out while still in school, budgeting and bookkeeping, vertical marketing, advertising and public relations, and much more. Every point is illustrated with examples from well-known firms and her own experience.

From the Foreward Coach Ken Carter, Inspiration for the film Coach Carter played by Samuel L. Jackson
Aundrea’s inspirational personal story demonstrates how the same skills used in self-employment — research, planning, budgeting, following through — can be used to tackle the problems of daily life, whether it is the illness or death of a loved one, a financial emergency, or a personal disability. “The success of her bakery shows that planning and persistence pay off. Despite great personal challenges, she has held her life and business together. I admire her spirit and work ethic, and I think you will too. And, her brownies are fabulous!”

Earl G. Graves Sr. Chairman and Publisher Black Enterprise Magazine
Aundrea is a symbol of success for black business owners and an inspiration to entrepreneurs looking to follow in her footsteps.

$14.00 – A signed copy of Brownie Points can be purchased from this website or you can purchase from your local book seller (Agate ISBN 1-932841-26-1).