Mommy & Me

Luv’s Merchandise

Give from the heart… give Luv’s Brownies!


Aundrea’s Mommy & Me Apron (Adult)
I designed this apron to encourage mother’s to cook with their daughters. While you are cooking you are creating a wonderful bond while inventing and sharing recipes.


Aundrea’s Mommy & Me Apron (Child)
I designed this apron so you can dress like mom while you are cooking. As a child, I loved cooking with my mom. During this quality time, she told me so many great stories and shared family recipes. While we were preparing, and cooking dinner we called this “our special place to share secrets.”


Luv of Luv’s Brownies
Luv has been the love of my life since I was three years old. My company (Luv’s Brownies) is named after this childhood doll. Luv is ready to play with you and you will love taking care of her. Luv comes with a half dozen of Luv Bites (bite size heart shaped brownies) dress, cookbook & first baking set (measuring cups, rolling pin, cookie cutters, spoon and whisk)


“Luv’s Brownies dough to go”
Now you can make fresh hot heart-shaped brownies in the convenience of your own home. The kit comes with one batch of Luv’s Brownies dough (6 lbs. 10 ounces) makes 10-12 dozen of Luv Bites (bite-size heart shaped brownies), reusable heart shaped aluminum baking tin and 1 1/2 lb. bag of Guittard milk chocolate chips.


Our brownies are baked fresh daily with Guittard Chocolate. These heart-shaped wonders are custom made to order. We do not use preservatives. Please do not refrigerate. Your brownies will stay fresh up to six months in the freezer. For a rich and chewy chocolate delight, microwave 5-10 seconds. The milk chocolate will just melt in your mouth.